Our Wedding Magic LUTS are designed to help make color grading seamlessly easy with stunning results.

This LUT is designed to be an extremely versatile starting point for nearly any lighting or color setting. It emulates the filmic look, and also carefully modifies the colors to give a classicaly clean filmic look. 

Wedding Magic LUT



Our inspiration in creating these LUTs was to make something that brings an extra level of magic to your footage without slowing down your workflow.  There are a lot of great LUTs out there, but the majority of them do not work across a variety of scene and lighting types. Rather than have a dozen LUTs you have to try each one on for every single clip in your film, we decided to create just a few REALLY AMAZING LUTs that give consistent results to all of your footage, and elevate your films to the next level. 


In our full wedding LUT pack we have it broken down into categories. Filmic Look, Colors Only, and Complete LUTs which affect the lighting to emulate a filmic look and also modify the colors. The wedding Magic LUT combines the best of everything we've got into one super versatile LUT. We also have a few specialty looks in the pack for a darker and moodier look.